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Mark Shuttlewoth, sobre produtividade e Linux

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Ubuntu Founder Mark Shuttleworth on Productivity and Linux

“… That doesn’t mean that something needs to be super-complicated to install. There’s a big difference between supporting really cutting-edge features—like the way we support virtualization in Ubuntu which I think makes it phenomenally easy for power users to experiment with Xen, KVM, and VMWare and get very good results. Those are very sophisticated power user features and we’ve worked hard on making them easy to use, easy to experiment and easy to install.

“… Everything that doesn’t work under Gobuntu is an indication of a piece of work which is needed to make the free software world more complete. I think that’s a useful reference point.

“… I think it is really important to realize that if you see yourself as being a real IT professional and you’re ambitious as an IT professional, Linux offers tremendous opportunities. First, people who are very familiar with Linux are paid more than people who are only familiar with Windows or Mac. Second, this is in fact measurable…Microsoft will tell you as much—one of their arguments against Linux is that people are expensive.”

Entrevista recente de Mark Shuttleworth para o Lifehacker.

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sexta-feira, 31 agosto, 2007 às 2:20 pm

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