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“I can’t deal with stuff that “might” work. …I’m not interested in wasting half my processing and rendering power to have semi-transparent menus. That’s just retarded. I’m not ready to install 4 gigs of ram in machines to get the same performance I would get out of 1 gig if I’m using XP. I don’t want to teach users yet another gui for both the OS and the office application. I simply cannot stand going to OOXML and lose all choice forever. Microsoft says they’re “people ready.” I’m still wondering if I’m Microsoft ready.”

(Cringester P. F., whose firm uses PCs for chemical analysis and 3D molecular modeling, would rather chew on a broken pipette than move to Vista)

Fonte: Graffiti

Written by @antoniofonseca

sexta-feira, 20 julho, 2007 às 12:19 pm

Publicado em Microsoft, Windows

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