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Cornucopia of patent news.
from Truth Happens by T. Colin Dodd

Microsoft’s deal with Linspire inspired (Or should I say “linspired?” No. No, I shouldn’t.) a lot of coverage this week which reverberated in an echo chamber of questions, guesses and speculation. But not all of it was noise.

Here is a grand buffet of some of the most illuminating analysis and reportage of the week.

Patent threats bad for Microsoft business – Red Hat
By Alastair Otter
8 June, 2007

Microsoft going around threatening customers with patent litigation does not make good business sense. This is according to Red Hat’s Middle East and Africa channel sales manager, David Postel, who was speaking in Johannesburg last week.

Postel said that Red Hat customers do not have to worry about the threat of patent litigation because not only was it unlikely that this would happen, but the company also provides protection for customers against the possibility. He said that customers were protected at two levels.

“In the first instance Red Hat will repair or replace any software found to infringe patents. And Red Hat will also pay to defend any customer that does have to face ligitation,” said Postel.

Ubuntu, Red Hat reject Microsoft patent deal

By Martin LaMonica and Richard Thurston, CNET

Red Hat Remains Unmoved

“Red Hat said there would be no such deal. Referring to previous statements distancing itself from Microsoft, the company insisted: “Red Hat’s standpoint has not changed.”

“The company referenced a statement written when Microsoft revealed it was partnering with Novell, saying that its position remained unaltered. Red Hat director of corporate communications Leigh Day added: “We continue to believe that open source and the innovation it represents should not be subject to an unsubstantiated tax that lacks transparency.”

Many open-source followers argue that Red Hat, as the largest Linux vendor, would have a lot to lose from partnering with Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Linux patent threats dismissed as baseless

By John Fontana

“The reality is that they are not going to sue a single customer,” says Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation. “It would not be in their business interest. Microsoft is not going to sue their customers.”

But Zemlin says the contracts are hurting Linux “only in the fact that Microsoft uses them to create a perception of risk that in reality is not there.”

Microsoft Freshman Course: How To Monetize Patents

Posted by Charles Babcock

Yes, this activity can be interpreted as support for Microsoft’s patents, but please note as well that money is changing hands, $440 million in the case of the Novell pact. Microsoft will spend that amount in give-aways of support for Novell’s SUSE and spend that on other aspects of the deal. It’s a boon for Novell at a time when its business plan is limping.

For Microsoft, doing so strengthens a weak competitor, which helps it fend off future antitrust accusations, while theoretically weakening a strong one, Red Hat.

Alan Cox odpovídá

Interview conducted by Robert Krátký 11 June 2007 for ABCLinux, a Czech site

Q: What is your take on the Novell – Microsoft deal? Should Red Hat be a party to such agreement sometime in the future, what would that mean for you?

A: Personally I think it’s a bad idea and that Novell are going to get stung by the GPLv3, and rightfully so. The license is designed to keep the software free, if it fails to do this then it needs fixing, so GPLv3 hopefully will fix this flaw.

If Red Hat did deals with Microsoft I’d hope they would find a better way to do things, to co-operate on things that help end users but not to compromise the freedom of the code or play any funny games.

Q: Do you share some people’s fear of Microsoft’s threats (concerning patents and intellectual property)?

A: I don’t think they are the biggest danger. As Microsoft has been finding out recently it is the patent trolls, and organisations with buried patents in interesting areas that are the biggest threat in the USA. The real answer to that problem however is to pull the USA back into line with the majority of the world which simply does not recognize patents on software but respects them as literary works subject to copyright law. Also therefore we have to make sure the continuing US attempts to spread bogus patent law into the EU are defeated.

Fonte: Truth Happens

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