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Linus, Eben Moglen e o FUD da Microsoft

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Dica de Leitura: Linus Torvalds diz que falar sobre patentes é fácil, mas cadê a lista das violações?

Mask Linus Tux

It’s certainly a lot more likely that Microsoft violates patents than Linux does,” said Torvalds, holder of the Linux trademark. If the source code for Windows could be subjected to the same critical review that Linux has been, Microsoft would find itself in violation of patents held by other companies, said Torvalds.

Basic operating system theory was pretty much done by the end of the 1960s. IBM probably owned thousands of really ‘fundamental’ patents,” Torvalds said in a response to questions submitted by InformationWeek. But he doesn’t like any form of patent saber rattling. “The fundamental stuff was done about half a century ago and has long, long since lost any patent protection,” he wrote.

(Linus Torvalds Responds To Microsoft Patent Claims – Information Week)


Written by @antoniofonseca

quinta-feira, 17 maio, 2007 às 11:22 am

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