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Stallman, Torvalds e Lowry (Novell) comentam GPLv3

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“GPLv3 is part of a continuous evolution of the license to prevent technology and legal trends from undermining the principles of free softwae.” Richard Stallman

“In this new form I think the GPLv3 is at least a viable alternative to the GPLv2. I’ll have to read it through a few more times and let things sink in, but my gut feeling from reading it through once is that I at least no longer have a feeling of ‘I’d never have selected this license if I were to have started a new project.” Linus Torvalds

“We are firmly committed to continuing the partnership with Microsoft and, as we always have, fully complying with the terms of the licenses for the software that we ship, including software licensed under GPLv3. If the final version of the GPLv3 does potentially impact the agreement we have with Microsoft, we’ll address that with Microsoft.” Bruce Lowry (Novell)

Comentários sobre o terceiro draft da GPLv3, leia aqui na íntegra.


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quarta-feira, 4 abril, 2007 às 11:30 pm

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